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If you want the creation, unique or mass, of customed items for your company, your LARP group or simply to realize a personnal idea, it is possible. You just have to contact us by completing the form below, we will answer to you as soon as possible to tell you if your request is possible to create. Your request must be personnal. The reproduction of jewels or pictures submitted to copyright is strictly forbidden. Arcana XIII have not the possibility of verifying systematically if the requests are personal and free of rights, so you make a commitment by completing this form in the fact that the wanted pieces are not submitted to copyright and are not placed under licenses. Try to detail you request as far as possible, and join pictures. It is imperative that you join pictures to illustrate your request, event if it's only a little sketch made quickly. Please, specify the size of the wished item and the quantity. According to the work and the quantity to make, Arcana XIII will propose you the price the most adapted to your request

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