About Arcana XIII

Arcana XIII is a small company started in 2001 by Francis Lapointe. At first this company made accessories of coat of mail on the street, and to resell them to individuals and storekeepers of the neighborhood of Sherbrooke.

In 2002 Francis decides to develop other techniques and to learn the moulding. By free means such as the books of the municipal library, the use of internet at his friends places, by collecting step by step, sometimes discreetly, informations to different jeweller's shops, crafters or employees of industries, Francis learnt the bases of the moulding, and the existence of certain suppliers.

Through various attempts and errors, sometimes very expensive, Francis established his own techniques of manufacture of pewter accessories, which were worth to him his name by its unique style, which reminds of an antique real piece inspired by the different ornamentations of the European Middle Age.

In the course of the years, by means of direct contacts with the storekeepers, people, of internet and of the social networks, a distributive network developed quietly worldwide. The company always continues to enlarge its territory and to develop new techniques of manufacture, to always offer to people limited and original creations.